WINNERS from Zen Garden contests

ZenGarden winners come from many walks of life and many countries

Our contests are quickly gaining popularity with creative people from all over the world!  We enjoy showcasing and featuring our winners with their own winner page.

We invite you to read about the talented people who energize and inspire all of us at ZenGardens, and see all their winning entries.

Amy DeMatt, Writer

Amy DeMatt, Writer — Amy DeMatt is an attorney and court administrator. She has earned awards for writing as an undergraduate in Philosophy and served on the Washington and Lee University Law Review. She agrees with Frederick Douglass that “if

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Jon Giles, Writer

Jon Giles, Writer — Jon Giles has been a chef, a goat herder, a debt collector, a writer, a podcaster, and a paper salesman.  Being a half jack of all trades lends itself well to his writing, as he gleans

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Tonia Markou, Writer

Tonia Markou, Writer — Tonia Markou is a Greek-German writer, university teacher and avid collector of mugs, socks and pajamas. Her fiction has appeared in Lit Up, The Junction, P.S. I Love You and 50-Word Stories. Country: Germany City: Ludwigshafen

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Madison E. Njos, Writer

Madison E. Njos, Writer — Originally from Washington State, I moved to LA this past summer to pursue a career in filmmaking. For now I make coffees and run errands, but one day, I hope to write and direct my

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Torche Johnson, Writer

Torché Johnson, Writer — An awkward writer who prefers to write about humans than socialize withthem, will have a sweet tooth even if they all fall out, and co-writes foran online manga series called TheRemnant: This is Not Flesh &

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Susan Giles: Writer, Poet and Gardener

Susan Giles: Writer, Poet and Gardener — Life has given Susan Giles many varied experiences from homesteading in Alaska as a child, to working with preschool music, to teaching Thinking Skills and Language Arts for 20 years in elementary school. 

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Emmy Childress, Writer

I’m Emmy, I’m 14, and I’m very passionate about writing. After my Mom passed, I found it a good way to get my emotions out into words. Every day I have new ideas and plans for stories. I’m from Indianapolis.

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