WINNERS from Zen Garden contests

ZenGarden winners come from many walks of life and many countries

Our contests are quickly gaining popularity with creative people from all over the world!  We enjoy showcasing and featuring our winners with their own winner page.

We invite you to read about the talented people who energize and inspire all of us at ZenGardens, and see all their winning entries.

Dalia Grigorescu: Writer and Poet

Dalia Grigorescu was born in Romania, a country where people believe that poetry runs in their veins. While that is not exactly true, Dalia has always enjoyed writing in her spare time, first in Romanian in her native country, then

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Rebecka Pettersson: Writer, Poet, and Gardener

I’m a dreamer at heart with a bachelors in media, aesthetics and narrative, as well as library and information science, trying to figure out life during these turbulent and often scary times (aye, climate breakdown). I put cats on pedestals

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Juma: Writer, Poet and Gardener

Juma is the pen-name for a writer and poet who has always loved putting words together, but has especially embraced the art form since her 70th birthday. Her life experiences have been rich and varied, and are all grist for

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OxTheFox, Writer

I’m interested in Social Sciences — Epistemology in particular — which is about how we acquire knowledge and how we can test our beliefs to determine if they’re true. If ye ask shall ye really be given? Does what go

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Karin Sidaway, Writer

Karin Sidaway is a writer. She’s also a competitive martial artist, novice equestrian, amateur entomologist, and self-proclaimed cat whisperer. She prefers not to limit herself to specific genres, but she enjoys writing thrillers, westerns, and speculative fiction. Her stories have

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Josephine Queen, Writer

Photograph by Rachel Liu Photography I grew up in England and spent my childhood with my head in a book, reading about dragons and hidden worlds and talking animals. I now live on the east coast of the US and

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Zantal Siah, Writer and Poet

Zantal Siah is a student who is currently pursuing a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a Capricorn, she is constantly looking for new challenges to better herself. She has recently picked up writing as a hobby and hopes to

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Emilia Brewer, Writer and Poet

Emilia Brewer is a student and an aspiring writer. Though her work has only appeared in school newspapers, she wants to launch her creations into a much broader surface. With her poetry and short stories, Emilia hopes to convey the

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