WINNERS from Zen Garden contests

ZenGarden winners come from many walks of life and many countries

Our contests are quickly gaining popularity with creative people from all over the world!  We enjoy showcasing and featuring our winners with their own winner page.

We invite you to read about the talented people who energize and inspire all of us at ZenGardens, and see all their winning entries.

J.S. Myth – Writer and Artist

J.S. Myth is a versatile author and a trained theatre director. From writing prose, children’s books and theatre to video game narrative content, she is always looking for ways of discovering the magic intertwined with our daily lives. Discovering gardens

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Libz – Writer and Photographer

I am a high school student who loves to write and take photos as a form of self expression. Country: United StatesState: FloridaCity: Orlando is proud to introduce Libz as one of our winning writers!  See the list of

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Min Song – Writer

Hello! I’m a college student studying international studies in Southern California! I try to write as often as I can in the middle of the nightmare that is college and try to find happiness in the little things. Country: United

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Bobby Rollins – Writer

Bobby Rollins is prone to daydreams and grateful for it. He is currently peddling his first novel to independent publishers and adds the odd tweet @writerollins. He likes and enjoys gardens of all sorts, but would need much more cooperation

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Christa Leigh – Writer and Gardener

Christa studied English Literature in college, but she always wanted to get on the creative writing tract. Now she is a Property Manager to pay the bills, but God still blesses her in the joy she finds in writing. And

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Lael Braday – Writer

Lael married her digital pen pal, and together they have criss-crossed the vast and gorgeous United States several times and resided in multiple states. She wants to live in the library in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland; it has a cafe, art

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Peter Briggs – Writer

Peter Briggs is a writer from New Jersey. He has lived in Philadelphia, New York, and now lives in Milan where he teaches English. Despite his location, he spends most of his time at home or in book shops. Country:

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Ute Gillett – Writer and Gardener

Gardener, teacher, and aspiring writer. I was born and raised in Germany and am currently teaching seventh grade. Though I’d like to think that my own fourth grade teacher reading one of my essays to the class started my career

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Deborah Mercer – Writer and Poet

Hi everyone, from a very delighted first time winner. My name’s Deborah, everyone calls me Debbie. I’m a middle-aged (sorry, in my prime!) lady living in a small town on the East Coast of England. I work for a local

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Devyn Cannon – Writer and Gardener

I am a school administrator who runs on equal parts prayer and coffee! When I’m not chasing around other people’s children or taking care of my own 4, my favorite place to be is outside with my hands in the

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