Winter Forest - Return of the Sun

 — We gardeners live by the seasons!  We are sensitive to weather patterns, wind and rain, fluctuating temperatures, and we especially appreciate the sun!  For some of us, the Winter Solstice is a vital part of our gardening lives, as the sun returns to give warmth and light to our waiting gardens.  Painter Cam Cline has captured the stark beauty of a winter forest, with its bare trees and grey-white limbs. The centerpiece of this painting, however, is the glorious sun reminding us that spring and summer will come again, in the eternal cycle of changing seasons.

Cam Cline’s “Winter Forest” has a fascinating history. This painting was inspired by a newly composed chamber piece of the same name.  Cam joined the performers on stage to paint while they played, and continued painting during the two hour concert.  Several incredible new works of art came out of this creative collaboration; among them is her inspiring “Winter Forest”. 

Special thanks to Charles Higgins, composer and Cam Cline, painter for their special gifts.

Cam Cline, far right with easel and brush, was inspired by a live performance. Charles Higgin's "Winter Forest" was beautifully played by: Alison Kim, piano; Aria Cheregosha, violin; James Allen, cello; Adam Wang, clarinet; Laura Szpir, flute; Julie Harris, conductor.
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