WINNERS from Zen Garden contests

Our contests are quickly gaining popularity with creative people from all over the world!  We enjoy showcasing and featuring our winners with their own winner page.

We invite you to read about the talented people who energize and inspire all of us at ZenGardens, and see all their winning entries.

Min Song – Writer

Hello! I’m a college student studying international studies in Southern California! I try to write as often as I can in the middle of the

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Lael Braday – Writer

Lael married her digital pen pal, and together they have criss-crossed the vast and gorgeous United States several times and resided in multiple states. She

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OxTheFox, Writer

I’m interested in Social Sciences — Epistemology in particular — which is about how we acquire knowledge and how we can test our beliefs to

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Karin Sidaway, Writer

Karin Sidaway is a writer. She’s also a competitive martial artist, novice equestrian, amateur entomologist, and self-proclaimed cat whisperer. She prefers not to limit herself

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