What Remains – by Katrina Dybzynska (Adult)

Sometimes we were trying to lose a day.
Or maybe to lose ourselves, hoping that in times of need we will be able to redeem both, with an interest.
When there was not much to talk about, we would drive to the ponds. We would sit on the grass and watch a couple of swans floating.
We would never mention it, but I felt we were wondering about them being together for life. And on some days, we would think about it with nostalgia. And on others, with grief.
Or maybe it was a regret?
But there was also a third option we liked the most. In that moments, it did not matter at all as time was becoming just another floating bird.
There was another element of infinity, while we were there, sitting on a grass, watching swans.
The dandelion’s stains from our bodies would wash away. The ones on my dress are still here.
Faded, but remembering that investments we made still waiting to be collected.

Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Nutshell Narratives 2019-03
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