Visions of Red - Incredible Photograph of Tulips

 — This stunning photograph of tulips is so exuberant and full of life, it’s bound to lift your spirits and inspire you!  We’re very grateful to North Carolina photographer Barry Udis for allowing us to share some of his amazing photographs.  The way he captured the bold beauty of this field of tulips makes this photograph one of our favorites.

"Visions of Red" - photograph by Barry Udis

The photo was taken at Brookgreen Gardens, which is a little south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is a beautiful place to walk around and of course a wonderful place for photography. There are many different gardens within Brookgreen and this photo was of a large field of Tulips.

I wanted to have just the flowers in the photo to display the various colors and tones. The challenge was just to stop taking photos. Every angle was more beautiful.

My old Nikon D80 was used with a 28-85 mm lens.
The photo was taken at 85 mm, iso 800, f16, 1/800.

~ Barry Udis, photographer

Our ZenGarden staff especially appreciates the dark background of this picture, which sets off the various shades of red perfectly, along with the occasional tips of green. Another one of our favorite aspects of this photograph is the bits of white and pale pink that serve to make the reds even more glorious!  We also like the title, “Visions of Red” which says it all.

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Brookgreen Gardens is a spectacular place, with quite an assortment of wonderful areas to visit.  Some of the features include a  Botanical Garden, an  American Sculpture Garden and Galleries, and even a Low-Country Zoo.  If you can’t travel to South Carolina anytime soon, you’ll still enjoy the descriptions and photos at the Brookgreen Gardens main website.

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