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Northumberland Walks

Member Susan Dawson tells us in her bio, “At the start of the COVID19 pandemic I found it very difficult to concentrate on writing, but one of the things we appreciated being able to do in the lockdown in England

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The Red-Robed Love – Blood Lily​

Member Adrin Jason tells us more about the conditions which grow the beautiful Blood Lily (Scadoxus multiflorus): “I am from a semi-urban city named Tiruchirappalli in India. It is a part of the southern state Tamil Nadu located on the

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The Edges – A Poem by Deborah Mercer

I will sing of the edges. Of the places where stray seeds, wind and nature sown,are caught in the capricious dusk and dawn winds, blown,and waft, and dance, and whirl, and settle downand make their home on the edges of

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The Night-Blooming Cereus

The Night-Blooming Cereus — The plant world is full of wonders.  Amazing sights, scents and experiences abound for anyone who loves gardens and flowers. One of the highlights of a lifetime of loving plants has to be the opening of

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Befriending Birds - Blue Sky and Birds Nests

Choices – A poem about befriending our birds

Choices – a poem about befriending our birds — Contemporary American poet Tess Gallagher tells of a moment she made an important choice.  This brief and brilliant poem reminds us once again that we are stewards of our gardens, our

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Winter Forest – Return of the Sun

Winter Forest – Return of the Sun — We gardeners live by the seasons!  We are sensitive to weather patterns, wind and rain, fluctuating temperatures, and we especially appreciate the sun!  For some of us, the Winter Solstice is a

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beautiful now

beautiful now  —  The first snow fall came in early December this year, in a part of the world where azaleas often bloom until Christmas. The beauty caught us unaware; the stillness reminded us that there is no need to

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Plum Blossom and Moon

Plum Blossom and Moon  — This brief collection of plum blossom haiku celebrates the “Winter Gentleman”.  In the art of Chinese painting, the “Four Gentlemen” are plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. The order of these flowers agrees with their

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