The Red-Robed Love – Blood Lily​

Member Adrin Jason tells us more about the conditions which grow the beautiful Blood Lily (Scadoxus multiflorus):

“I am from a semi-urban city named Tiruchirappalli in India. It is a part of the southern state Tamil Nadu located on the Deccan plateau. We belong to
the tropical belt. But our state is like a mini continent with diverse land forms and weather patterns. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say
Tiruchirappalli (also called Trichy) has summer all year long! Here the month of May can get as hot as 44 degrees celsius (111.2 degrees fahrenheit)and we never have the sweater weather. But we do have an abundance of palm, coconut, banyan, neem and ashoka trees. Rice is the staple food of our state. The common flowers found here are hibiscus, datura, nerium, jasmine, lotus, sunflower, lilly and bougainvillea.

The photo of Blood Lily is from my garden. Blood lilies are bulbous perennial plants that are mostly deciduous. They are dormant in
cold weather and bloom in the months of May and June. When the fiery red flowers wither the inflorescence disappears and only the bulbs remain
waiting for the next summer.”   ~~ Adrin Jason

The red-robed love stays unseen
Till May dares to knock her door
Rises to be crowned the queen
To charm, dance and proudly roar.

  ~ Adrin Jason

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