The Memory of the Lilacs- by Jia Makkar (High School)

She stands tall, her stormy eyes surveying the sea of flowers below her. The wind is blowing her curls over her shoulders, it is snatching her breath away.

She is the age where she should be thinking about exams, boys, and future prospects. However she is thinking about the past. Or rather, she is trying to remember it.
Oh memories, what ethereal creatures, which can be true, or twisted into some hideous concoction.
But what if her memories were not lies.

What if they were… gone?

She tries to remember her family, her friends even her school, but nothing comes to mind.
She tries to remember anything, anything that could give a clue to her identity. But she doesn’t even remember her name.
All those lost years, have eroded her lifetime.
With no past, how can there be a future?
She wishes for a youth that is not lost. But wishes, don’t always come true.

But… there is one thing, she remembers. She closes her eyes and summons the lone memory swimming in a sea of nothingness. She remembers a flower patch, not unlike this one. They are royal purple, so bright and beautiful. There are hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. She can hear them dancing in the wind; she can even smell their refreshing fragrance.

Her eyes snap open, a word, a clue, a chance on the tip of her tongue.

She rolls the word with her tongue, over and over again, savoring it.
This word is a chance at remembering. It is a life buoy, in a sea of darkness. If only she can harness it, she will be able to retrieve her memories, remember her past and finally know the truth.

But… nothing else surfaces. The powerful crown of the lilac fades. She has nothing but the memory of lilacs.
A single tear escapes her eye, drips down her face and falls through the air, until it lands on the multitude of flowers below.
The tear’s end is so soft, so quiet, that it is inaudible. However this silence echoes around the whole world, forever.

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