The Birthday Party – by Yana Armenova (Adult)

“I’ve never thought she wanted children. Not with her job, her parents and this garden.”
“I know… We were enough for her for so long. Do you remember how she used to come out every morning to sing to us, caress our leaves and share her innermost secrets? What happened? She doesn’t even say a word to us now.”
“Mate, be grateful she remembers to water us at least.”
“She? Please, don’t make me laugh. All she cares about these days is that child. We are the gardener’s responsibility now.”
“Gardener! Can you believe it? We’ve hit rock bottom, mate! I don’t like him. He is too rough. And I’ve seen what he’s done to the roses. The prickles. All chopped off. She asked him actually to make the garden more child friendly for that stupid birthday party today.”
“Red Bush, please stop it. I don’t want any horror stories so early on a Saturday morning. That’s way too gory.”
“Too gory? Birchie, you need to wake up. Gory is our reality.  She would do anything for that kid. Before you know it, we will be discarded in the garden waste to make space for a new trampoline, swimming pool or worst of all – a dog! You can never be too cautious, that’s all I’m saying.”
“So what do you suggest we do then? Uprooting is hardly an option.”
“Why not? Her parents might be old but they have a huge garden in the countryside. A bit of fresh air will do us well. Next time they visit make sure you shed those old leaves and stand tall, alright? Never too late to make a good impression.”
“Alright Redbush, whatever you say…Look, we have more urgent issues to attend to now. See the bubbles? Brace yourself my friend. They are coming!”
Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Photo Flora 2019-03 – Garden Magic
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