Sturm und Drang – by Susan Giles (Senior)

They met the day of the fiercest snowstorm in ten years. She had been researching butterfly migration patterns in Peru; he was browsing the stacks looking for inspiration for a title of his latest collection of South American folk tunes.
Reaching simultaneously for a book, their fingers touched; eyes met; laughter started, continuing through coffee, lunch, then into evening as all library patrons chose to spend the night rather than risk the storm.
After 36 hours of sharing space, smiles, personal information, and more than a few kisses, they reluctantly left the library once the snowplow cleared the parking lot.
They parted with promises to text or message immediately upon arriving home.
For two weeks the sun shone brightly, then spring came in its verdant glory. Finally, summer brought heat and drought.
She thought of him often during this time, laughing at herself and at how quickly she had fallen. More than once she caught herself gazing at the rain outside her window blending trees, flowers – all of life – into a beautiful blur. Hand would reach for phone, fingers start to press the magical keys to bring him back into her life when, suddenly, the sun would break through, instantly destroying all thoughts of his face, his touch. Sunshine caused him to fade from her thoughts, but the steady fall of raindrops christening trees or the strong torrents of summer storms returned him with a vengeance.
Fall winds were indecisive. Wind storms laced with rain tugged at her heart while dry autumn breezes instantly cooled her passion.
One fall day while sitting in the garden watching storm clouds brewing and passionate feelings of him roiling up within her, she made the connection. He was not the sunshine of her life, he was the sturm und drang which gave meaning to her life.
And when the rains began
She lifted her eyes to the heavens,
Stretched her arms out to love,
And walked into life.
She took out her cell phone and, smiling, entered his number.
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Susan Giles

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