Six Months – by Po (College)

One cold November morning Harper rushed around the house getting everything ready. The balloons were in place, breakfast was made, and the record player was on. She fiddled with her ring nervously. When the first creak came from the top of the stairs her heart leapt out of her chest. Her husband turned the corner dressed in his army fatigues, holding his bag. As soon as he saw everything he dropped his bags and walked towards her with his arms held out. They danced to their wedding song until the final scratch of the vinyl echoed throughout the kitchen. They pulled apart, tears on the verge of falling down their cheeks. They laughed as they shared pancakes together, their favorite food. With the last bite taken, Harper began to cry again. She knew this meant he would have to leave. As they walked to the door together, he squeezed her hand then pulled her in for a tight hug. This would be the longest they have been apart in 6 years of marriage. As she closed the door behind her, she sank to the floor feeling like her heart would stop beating at any second. After about an hour she came back to reality and went to clean up the kitchen. She suddenly heard a knock at the door. She rushed to answer it and when she opened it she saw a delivery man holding a box. He placed it in her arms, warning her to be careful. She set it on the table and opened it. Inside was the most beautiful vase she had ever seen. The vase held a large bouquet of her favorite flowers, Freesias. She had tried all summer to grow them, but did not have a green thumb. A note was attached. It read, “Harper, I love you more than anything in the world. I hope these flowers can make you smile today. I’ll be back in April. Keep these with you through the snowstorms and I’ll keep you in my heart during the sandstorms. Forever yours, John.”
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