POETRY for the Zen Garden

The creators of ZenGarden.club are continually discovering poems to inspire gardeners or bring pleasure to those who love gardens.  Many old favorites are here, along with some exciting new contributions from our talented members.  Some of the more famous poets include Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams, William Shakespeare, Mary Oliver, William Wordsworth and Edna St. Vincent Millay. In addition to these beloved poets, our wonderful contemporary poets will surprise and delight you.


beautiful now

beautiful now  —  The first snow fall came in early December this year, in a part of the world where azaleas often bloom until Christmas. The beauty caught us unaware; the stillness reminded us that there is no need to

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English Country Garden

English Country Garden  — Many of us who don’t live in England wish we did, just for the gardens!  Some features of English country gardens include herbaceous (perennial) borders,  curved paths, a surrounding fence, wall or hedge, and climbing plants

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April Rain Song

April Rain Song — Where would we gardeners be without rain?  Rain keeps our plants happy, and it also nurtures our hearts and spirits.  We’ve combined “April Rain Song” by the great American poet Langston Hughes with “Pride” by the

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A Vagabond Song

A Vagabond Song  — Sometimes our gardens go far beyond carefully tended paths, borders, and beds.  Sometimes a garden can be a swath of woodland, a pond surrounded by trees and rocks, or an entire hillside.  The Canadian poet Bliss

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I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud — On April 15, 1802, William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy were taking a walk in the Lake District of England, where they lived and often walked. According to the poet, they came upon

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Zen Garden Victorians Walking in the Garden

It will be summer – eventually

It will be Summer – eventually — No celebration of gardens and poetry would be complete without Emily Dickinson!  We now think of her as the Poet of Amherst, but during her lifetime she and her family were known for

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Where the Wild Thyme Blows

Where the Wild Thyme Blows In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, King Oberon tells Puck of a magical, enchanted bower deep in the forest, where Queen Titania sometimes takes her rest.  The flowers are described in great detail, as if by

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Ode to Summer

Ode to Summer — Poet and gardener Joyce Stahmann eloquently invites us to join her in her exuberant summer garden!  What would we find in a Southern Oregon garden planted with so much passionate zest and horticultural knowledge? To discover

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The Wisdom of Flowers

The Wisdom of Flowers — The contemporary poet Susan Rutledge Giles reminds us that flowers can be our teachers.  What are some of the many lessons we learn from flowers?  The words of many great writers and masters help us

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White Coral Bells

White Coral Bells  — This wonderful poem/song might bring back memories of your childhood, or of planting heuchera (coral bells) and lilies of the valley.  Many of us grew up singing this poem in a round, and delighted in the

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