PHOTOGRAPHY for the Zen Garden

Mason bee peering over the edge of a leaf, happy it’s not raining. - Photo by Rusty Burlew at Honey Bee Suite


We are thrilled to share an ever-growing collection of stunning photographs by our talented members.  It takes an amazing amount of patience, concentration and knowledge of the natural world to take pictures of bees or flowers or entire gardens.  As gardeners, we can especially appreciate these artists with cameras, who inspire and delight us with their wonderful compositions.

Goldenbanner Sunset

Goldenbanner Sunset  — Photographer Dan Bourque describes this wonderful composition of field and sky:  “An incredible sunset over the Rocky Mountains blankets a field of beautiful goldenbanner flowers in central Colorado.” “Goldenbanner Sunset” – photograph by Dan Bourque “A wet

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Coleus in the dark red pot

Coleus in the dark red pot  — Perhaps you thought coleus were well-behaved bedding plants, meant to fill in empty spaces until the perennials reached their full potential.  Some of us never thought that one coleus could be the center

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Ode to Summer

Ode to Summer — Poet and gardener Joyce Stahmann eloquently invites us to join her in her exuberant summer garden!  What would we find in a Southern Oregon garden planted with so much passionate zest and horticultural knowledge? To discover

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Haiku Honey

Haiku Honey – Celebrating the wonderful gifts of bees — No garden is complete without bees! While we’re basking in these wonderful pictures and the golden haiku honey, let’s also remember to do our part in attracting the bees and

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