PHOTOGRAPHY for the Zen Garden

Mason bee peering over the edge of a leaf, happy it’s not raining. - Photo by Rusty Burlew at Honey Bee Suite


We are thrilled to share an ever-growing collection of stunning photographs by our talented members.  It takes an amazing amount of patience, concentration and knowledge of the natural world to take pictures of bees or flowers or entire gardens.  As gardeners, we can especially appreciate these artists with cameras, who inspire and delight us with their wonderful compositions.

Northumberland Walks

Member Susan Dawson tells us in her bio, “At the start of the COVID19 pandemic I found it very difficult to concentrate on writing, but one of the things we appreciated being able to do in the lockdown in England

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The Red-Robed Love – Blood Lily​

Member Adrin Jason tells us more about the conditions which grow the beautiful Blood Lily (Scadoxus multiflorus): “I am from a semi-urban city named Tiruchirappalli in India. It is a part of the southern state Tamil Nadu located on the

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Memories of Monet

Memories of Monet  — This wonderful photograph from the Waterlily Gardens of Gibbs Garden in Georgia inspired its own haiku!  The Gibbs Waterlily Gardens are the largest natural display of waterlilies in the nation. Five ponds showcase over 140 varieties

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An ant strolls through the flowers

An ant strolls through the flowers — Photographer Erik Mathre captures the colors, textures, and magic of a summer garden just after a rainfall.  He describes this wonderful, whimsical photograph as “An ant’s beautiful after-rain stroll through the flowers”.  Lovely

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Poinsettias (Auchenflower)

POINSETTIAS (Auchenflower) — Whether midwinter “clutches on the skirts of” December or June, we gardeners especially love the flowers that bloom in winter!  The Australian poet Emily Bulcock celebrates the winter-blooming poinsettia in this poem from Auchenflower, a suburb of

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beautiful now

beautiful now  —  The first snow fall came in early December this year, in a part of the world where azaleas often bloom until Christmas. The beauty caught us unaware; the stillness reminded us that there is no need to

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Stone Lantern in the Snow

Stone Lantern in the Snow  —  A beautiful stone lantern is the centerpiece of this composition of light and dark, sunlight and shadow, texture and shape. This photograph from Gibbs Gardens hints at the mystery and magnificence found at all

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Honey Bee and Squash Pollen

Honey Bee and Squash Pollen  — Those of us who grow gardens or love gardens should be especially appreciative of pollinators, who are essential to the life cycles of our beautiful flowers and trees.  How much do you know about

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