Photo Flora 2019-03 - Garden Magic

And the Winners are ....

“As always, choosing a winner was very difficult, given all the wonderful stories submitted.
What set “Paint the Air” above the rest for me was the powerful use of description not only to give us a visual sense of the garden, but also to provide insight into the main character, develop the theme, and move the plot forward. When you’ve got only 350 words, every one of them has to work overtime! It’s not easy, but when they do, you can create something astounding.
In “Paint the Air” we have a portrait of a gardener and a garden, and an account of the extraordinary experience that revitalizes them both, expressed in the poem at the end. Truly Garden Magic.”
~ Dr. Regina Higgins, Judge
Congratulations to our three Public Voting winners!  The public voting period was so exciting, with people from all over the world reading your stories and selecting their favorites.
Learn more about the contest which inspired these wonderful stories: 
Photo Flora 2019-03 – Garden Magic
Snow-covered crocus
Peeks out in the dead of night –
He dashes, smiling.

FLEUR – a new Flash Fiction contest for 2020!
Our new Fleur contests will each feature a flower picture and haiku prompt.  Each haiku was written by one of our talented members, and each is full of beauty and inspiration.  We’ll start the year with a wonderful winter flower, the early-blooming crocus.

Fleur 2020-01 – Crocus

Dr. David A. Ross, Oxford scholar and Professor of Comparative Literature, will select the Grand Prize Winner.  There will also be a public voting segment.  Click on the link above to learn more or to enter the contest.

Voting Countdown:

We’re delighted to present the shortlisted stories from our “Garden Magic” contest.  We hope you’ll read each one and then tell your friends about this site.  Help us spread the word about and all our talented writers! 


Total entries:  137
Total shortlisted:  41
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