Petrichor – The Magical Smell of Rain


I learnt a brand new word today,
a word it’s like a spell to say.
That tangy sweetness in the air
when rain has ceased, but lingers there
and freshness floods the world once more.
The word is Petrichor.

A word for greenery rain-drenched,

a word for nature’s thirst new-quenched,
And even if we have not heard
and haven’t yet found out the word,
we know the scent, rain-washed and pure,
The scent of Petrichor.

We recognise it and breathe deep,
a world aroused from humid sleep,
dew and showers softly combined,
and warmth and coolness intertwined,
it’s transient but will endure,
that breath of Petrichor.

Glittering blades of grass at rest,

a mist, almost unseen, all blessed
by the essence, heaven-sent,
youthful, eternal, transient,
it will revive, it will restore,
its name is Petrichor.

~~ Deborah Mercer


When Deborah sent us this new poem, we were thrilled for many reasons.  Everyone loves the smell of fresh rain, especially after a dry spell, but most people don’t know there’s a word for that unforgettable fragrance: “Petrichor”.  Some of our staff had discovered this word back in early summer and were enchanted by it.  Then came Deborah’s poem.  What an example of synchronicity!  As we were researching pictures for the poem we ran across another wonderful word for all you writers/gardeners/lovers of words:  “”Pluviophile”.

Thanks you Deborah, for such a timely and perfect poem.

Learn more about this wonderful writer and poet:

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