OxTheFox, Writer

I’m interested in Social Sciences — Epistemology in particular — which is about how we acquire knowledge and how we can test our beliefs to determine if they’re true.
If ye ask shall ye really be given? Does what go around really come around? Does it take money to make money? Should love be unconditional?
I run a small organisation (about the size of a small dog or a large cat) called Svanga. We find, test, and share different ideas on practical means of gaining and keeping health, wealth, and happiness. The tangible is easily spotted but, abstract concepts like happiness are a bit trickier. Fortunately, we have writing.
In the same way the Naturals Scientist can point at a skyscraper or a rocket and say, “look, isn’t productivity wonderful?” a writer can point to the rational and courageous heroine of their story and say, “look, isn’t virtue spectacular? … also global warming is real, the world isn’t flat, abstract painting isn’t art, dogs are better than cats, but kittens are (admittedly) adorable.”
Country: Zambia
City: Lusaka
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