Nostalgia in the Air – by Emmy Childress (Middle School)

One of the wonderful things about our first Nutshell Narratives contest is the number of young writers who entered!  We received impressive stories from Middle School, High School, and College writers, in addition to our older Adults and Seniors. It’s very encouraging to see such talent at all ages and levels of experience!

One of our youngest writers, Emmy Childress, wrote this lovely story that perfectly captures a garden full of sights, fragrances and memories. We especially love the last two sentences.  Emmy’s unique point of view and deep gift for poetic language make this story one you’ll remember for a long time.


Nostalgia in the Air

The warm breeze of spring hits each and every plant throughout the garden. Quite the colorful display. Bright red roses bloomed, seeming neon in the dark; and the marigolds danced to the swirls of the wind. Walking through this beautiful nature gives you an unforgettable feeling. The colors of the plants make your brain yearn for more. The soft feeling of the petals and freshly cut grass on your fingertips and feet. However, there is one thing that resonates you. It reminds you of home. The wonderful smells of childhood twirl and swivel around your head. Your heart grows with nostalgia. You remember running in the back yard of your family’s small house. The sweet smell of ginger lilies captures your attention, and you wish to find the flower giving you such joy. You follow the scent as it whispers to you in the dark. Near the back, by itself, stands a single ginger lily. Walking towards it, fruity smells fill your heart and mind. Almost the scent of an exquisite perfume, selling on shelves for thousands. Yet the sight you’ve met is perplexing. Again, the wonderful smells twist and twirl like ballerinas. But the flower is anything but. Uncared for, the wolf pushed aside in a pack full.
Wilting and brown, yet still so beautiful.
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Emmy Childress

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