Nevena – Writer and Artist

I was born in 1976 and finished journalism at The University of Political Science. Have been writing ever since the primary school, mainly poetry, short stories and essays. Writing has always been my way of life. I have also liked pen paling – writing on real paper and with the real pen. I have been working on many different jobs, mostly writing for different web pages. At the moment I am working on a local radio station as a freelancer.
I am a mom to two boys, married, have one dog and a cat, vegetarian, great animal lover. My main hobbies include collecting wild herbs and mushrooms, photography, walking a lot (preferably in nature), reading, writing. I am fascinated by little creatures that most people will tell you they don’t exist, like fairies 🙂 I also have a small garden with fruits and vegetables.
Country: Croatia
State: Sisak and Moslavina
City: Petrinja is proud to introduce Nevena as one of our winning writers!  See the list of her ZenGarden awards below.  Click on any picture to read the complete story.
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