Music Rises Unbidden

 — Our gardens are havens of color, light, scent, and sound!  The poet Susan Rutledge Giles has masterfully captured the music of a garden overflowing with life.  Sometimes the raucous noises of spring or summer might seem overpowering, but when we really listen, we too can experience the symphony within all the sounds.  The Canadian painter Osnat has captured this sense of joyous life in her painting entitled “Heaven”.  We’ve combined poetry with art on this page to bring you a special treat!

Music rises unbidden within garden wall:
Hidden frog in teeming pond below,
       thankful bird joining from on high,
       hum of water dancing over rocks
       giving blessing as it goes,
       creak of limb-on-limb from trees
       bent by time, storm, and circumstance,
       trees whose myriad greens
       beckon seductively.

Wind gathers together all these sounds
Tosses them back across the garden to
Turn cacophony into symphony.


~ Susan Rutledge Giles

"Heaven" by painter Osnat Tzadok

Visit this wonderful painter at her website: Osnat Fine Art

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