Making Friends – by Grace Davis (Adult)

Tendrils of blue smoke curled over the top of the carved pumpkin that sat before her. That wasn’t right, she frowned. Pink smoke. The spell book had definitely said there should be pink smoke.
Adriana sighed and leaned back in her chair. As if being the only witch in the kingdom wasn’t hard enough, she had to go and be a sub-par witch at that! Her mother would have been ashamed.
It was her mother’s fault she was even trying this spell. “Make some of your own friends, Adriana,” she had said when she moved here, “Don’t be lonely out there!” Easier said than done, Adriana reflected. While folks here tolerated witches well enough – and certainly loved benefiting from her cure-alls and lucky charms (which thankfully she had gotten the hang of making!) – no-one really seemed to be eager to have a witch for a friend.
Adriana resolved to try the spell just once more. Halloween was coming up and decorating houses and gardens was hugely popular around here. The best even won a prize, awarded by the local mayor. Adriana was sure trick-or-treaters would be thrilled when they saw her spooky garden display, complete with a magical dancing pumpkin person at the centre! People would come from miles around, she thought gleefully, that would get them talking to me, that would help me make some friends at last!
Right. One more go. Better get a fresh pumpkin. She grew hundreds of the things after all: most she sold to the townspeople, some she ate, and the rest she used in various spells and potions. As she neared the door, she began to hear a strange clunking noise. And… singing? Adriana opened the door cautiously, peering out into her garden. There before her, stretching as far as the eye could see, were hundreds of dancing pumpkin people. Some sang, some twirled around wildly, still others headed towards her, toothy grins stretched wide across their orange faces.
Perhaps her mother was right, Adriana thought with a smile, perhaps it really was best to make your own friends…

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