Luminosity of the Garden – by Toni Kristina Rhodus (Adult)

The warm blanket of autumn clung to the skyline, draping the backdrop in a soft, pale shade of alizarin crimson. A slow twist of the polarized filter pushed the reflected glare from nature’s radiant blossom of life. The shutter clicked, preserving the luminosity of the garden.
A slow mindful blending of nature budded, as the colorful brushstrokes playfully engaged with the textured white linen canvas. Bathing my artistic endeavors in celestial shades of cerulean and phthalo blue, the painted morning sky captivated the feeling of effervescence.
The morning lingered, as my imagination slowly crept along the canvas in shades of brunt umber, yellow ochre, sap green, and van dyke brown. The simplistic photograph transformed the linen canvas into a garden of inspirational brilliance.
Pressed between my fingertips, each gentle stroke of the fan brush was filled with a reflection of morning light, as I playfully tapped the warm blend of titanium white and cadmium yellow paint, highlighting the edges of the garden as they shimmered against the climbing sun.
My thoughts swayed with the brush strokes, lingering along the crevices of the thick paint — life’s perplexities gradually blurring into the background.
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