Lisa Marie Lopez – Writer

Lisa Marie Lopez was born, raised, and still resides in sunny Northern California. She has been writing fiction since she was eight years old. A few years ago she took a writing course with Long Ridge Writers Group and has had numerous short stories published in various magazines and anthologies since. Lisa is married to Joel–the sweetest guy she has ever known, and has two box turtles, Cleo and Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was just a year old when Lisa fell in love with her at a pet store. Recently Tink celebrated her 27th Birthday, wow! Aside from writing fiction, Lisa loves crafting miniatures, (she makes tiny, Barbie size doll purses), spending time outside with her turtles, reading, playing her bass and listening to music. You can connect with Lisa on Facebook – Lisa Marie or www.facebook. com/fictionauthorlisamarie
Country:United States
City: Concord
State: California is proud to introduce Lisa Marie as one of our winning writers!  See the list of her ZenGarden awards below.  Click on any picture to read the complete story.
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