Lily – by Kaila Arnett (High School)

In this story, we can almost feel the air and the breeze, hear the wind chimes and see the fields flowing with the change of seasons.  This story begins as a poem, but turns into prose – an interesting combination that seems to work for Lily!

Kaila Arnett has written a story that should appeal to all those who love gardens, and especially those who know what a “hot and muggy” summer can be!  We love her “days where the blue hours overtook the golden summer sun”.  The description “blue hours” seems to perfectly describe those days between summer and fall, when the late afternoon light takes on a different color.

Congratulations, Kaila!


Quiet and dark.
The crickets could not be found.
The stars all hiding their glow.
And in a garden devoid of sound
We see a lily grow.
She grew quietly. She grew tall.
With brown eyes and dark hair
The air was still hot and muggy, the days harsh and sunny. Sometimes though, a biting breeze would roll in, knocking the windchimes around, and setting the fields aflow. It was those days one could find her, scaling every tree in the yard, bouncing through the garden, even searching for fellow late bloomers. She was in good company, though. The flowers whispered through it all, remaining as the others fell. She embraced the cold with open arms; she waited for it every year–the first few golden days that existed somewhere in the space between summer and autumn, days where the blue hours overtook the golden summer sun and still battled with dusty, autumn greys. Finally, she found; she was content.
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