Hey, It’s Me – by Min Song (College)

Hey, it’s me.
I’m sorry I’m late, my flight was delayed. You know how English weather gets. I wish I had more time to prepare, but I guess no one is ever actually prepared for these things.
It would be stupid of me to ask how you’ve been. Obviously not so well.
I brought roses. I know they’re your favorite. They’re yellow, too, because it’s your favorite color.
To tell you the truth, I brought yellow roses because I was scared to bring you red ones. I know, it doesn’t have a lot of meaning these days, and you wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Turns out, they take on a lot of meaning when there’s real feelings behind them. I hate that I’m about to tell you this here, now.
I love you, and I want to blame all the gods I never believed in that I’m telling you this for the first time on your grave. I blame myself for never gathering up the courage to tell you when we had time. I blame you, too, a bit for leaving so unexpectedly. But that’s selfish of me. I’m sorry.
You’re still my best friend, and I love you. I’m glad that you’re finally resting.
I miss you.

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Min Song

Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Nutshell Narratives 2019-03
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