Heaven, Earth and a bit of Hope – by Monosij Banerjee (Adult)

Ground; frozen. No sign of life anywhere. It is March in Fairbanks, Alaska. A few tall trees stand like ice giants, imposing on the 8 year old Sophie. She eagerly awaits spring when nature is in full bounty, filling Earth’s gardens with every colour in the cosmos.
Yet she is intrigued; few lone bulbs of crocus peek out, from the dead ground. She stands in her backyard, with her parents deep into the night, hoping to, maybe, catch a glimpse of the aurora.
She feels a deep connection with the croci; the ethereal flowers stand out in sharp contrast; they stand in spite of their cruel surroundings that all but support life.
Smiles Sophie; remembering her own cruel circumstances. She has battled cancer for the better part of her 8 year existence; Smiles Sophie, for like her the croci have braved unforgiving circumstances and emerged full of life, emerged victorious.
Stands Sophie in her garden; clasping her father’s hand; ink black sky dotted with countless stars; a sudden flash of green.
“Here we go Sophie, your first aurora!” smiles mom.
A ray forms, eventually a dual band; Speechless Sophie stands.
The lights in the sky seem to ignite a light in her soul; aurora above; croci below; each unique, ethereal; infinitely beautiful nature.
A light of hope ignites in the child’s heart; She has braved conditions at a tender age which even the most hardened people don’t have to go through.
Sophie stands; basking in nature’s full glory; time lapses.
“Corona!!” exclaims dad; “Sophie see, the corona is as rare as you, as precious as you, as spectacular and magnificent as you!” beams dad.
Sophie glows; the sky glows and in its light glow the croci; the flowers whisper to her: “ stand tall like the pines, child, you are a beacon of hope in this cold, cruel world; stand tall, glow and spread warmth in hearts of people, who otherwise have become hopeless”;
“Just like you?” asks Sophie, a smile curled around her tiny lips; she hears a dash of laughter;
Who knew flowers could talk and laugh!!

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