HAIKU for the Zen Garden

Between our two lives / there is also the life of / the cherry blossom. - Basho


Haiku is an important part of ZenGarden.club.  We will continually present works from the old masters, including Basho, Issa, Buson and other well-known poets. We even have a section of guidelines to writing haiku, in case you want to write your own or enter one of our contests.

We always enjoy sharing new entries from our members and other contemporary poets.  Gardens and haiku have so much in common!



Memories of Monet

Memories of Monet  — This wonderful photograph from the Waterlily Gardens of Gibbs Garden in Georgia inspired its own haiku!  The Gibbs Waterlily Gardens are the largest natural display of waterlilies in the nation. Five ponds showcase over 140 varieties

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Basho’s Lilies – A New Way of Seeing

Basho’s Lilies – A New Way of Seeing — Basho’s haiku about lilies consists of only three short lines, containing a few brief words. Those of us who love this haiku have discovered that it gets deeper and more meaningful

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Summer Singers – Insect Haiku

Summer Singers – Insect Haiku  —  For some of us, a constant buzzing, clicking, humming sound is the very epitome of summer. What would a balmy July night in the garden be without the never-ending songs of crickets and cicadas?

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Plum Blossom and Moon

Plum Blossom and Moon  — This brief collection of plum blossom haiku celebrates the “Winter Gentleman”.  In the art of Chinese painting, the “Four Gentlemen” are plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. The order of these flowers agrees with their

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A Silence of White – Winter Haiku

A Silence of White — In winter we enjoy the beauty of barren trees, the silent splendor of snow, the fire-warmed nights of dark and solitude.  In winter, we also dream of spring!  These selections of haiku from historic and

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Flowers and mystery – Haiku for two worlds

Flowers and mystery – Haiku for two worlds — Gardens are not just sunlit sanctuaries. Sometimes a flower, a fragrance, a fallen blossom can evoke deep memories or otherworldly feelings.  A garden by moonlight tells different stories than the stories

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Haiku Honey

Haiku Honey – Celebrating the wonderful gifts of bees — No garden is complete without bees! While we’re basking in these wonderful pictures and the golden haiku honey, let’s also remember to do our part in attracting the bees and

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Strength of Flowers

The Strength of Flowers – Haiku for the Hero’s Journey — The contemporary North American poet Juma reminds us of the immense strength of tiny flowers.  We may think of flowers as delicate, ephemeral, temporary bringers of beauty, but the

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Basho and the Art of Haiku

Basho and the Art of Haiku  — Haiku, with its gentle guidelines and rules, is much more than counting syllables!  Matsuo Bashō (1644 – 1694), the father of traditional haiku and one of the most revered poets in Japan, is

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