Garden rocked Instagram – by Vishnu Moulish (Adult)

I winked twice. I ain’t shy to admit. The mesmeric frame of the garden and its participants (trees and plants) set the unprecedented vibes. Mother nature is the crown jewel to be adored 99 times a day. Why 99 ? The other one is to adore my wife.

The tree is the lesson to kindle positivity. Its roots convey stand strong in your beliefs. Trunk conveys face the world. Branches convey you need a mentor for guidance. Leaves are your skills. Flowers are your fortunes. Here comes the stealer of the scene: Bubbles in Motion. It conveys the freedom of pursuing what you desire the most. Carve your own path, set your pace and go places. When you encounter impediments, shun the shortcuts. The bubble shines as it moves. Likewise, keep up your shine and sparkle while playing to your strengths.
While it was a short motivational tour during my stroll, it should be a memorable one as well. I clicked a photo of this captivating garden. I have earned the sobriquet “Insta-wanderer”. I uploaded the picture on Instagram and the dopamine kicks followed. Mounting likes and overwhelmed with compliments. Here are the top 3 comments:
1. If this garden were for sale, I would trade my Volkswagen Beetle for it. Thus, Owner.
2. I want to catch those colorful bubbles. Yours truly, the child in me.
3. If my wife kicks me out of my home, I would rent this garden and hang a signboard “Open for relationship.”
After a day, I came to know one of my Insta followers has used this picture to propose to his girl. His message was: “If this garden had 100 flowers, I would become the prisoner of the same and offer you one every day.” That’s absolute bonkers.  In a short span, the garden rose to fame on social media. My entrepreneurship spirit woke up and I opened a cafe inside the garden. The name of the brand is “Bubble Cafe” and the tagline is “Moments beyond coffee.” 10 % discount to those who wear nature-themed tees. My brand is born.
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