Forget About Brooklyn – by Juma (Senior)

Four frantic wives, searching secret hiding places, finding nothing. 
Four hopeful husbands, carefully uncovering family treasures. 
pearl necklace from Romanov days, a deed to a Brooklyn property, a Meissen Dresden shepherdess and a pot of shamrocks in full bloom.  All placed reverently on the Altar of Hope, otherwise known as Compulsive Gambling.  Each husband believes he‘ll come out the winner.  Moonlight shuffles through the room, briefly illuminating a frown or a full house. 
At daybreak, the husbands stagger home. 
Katya, exhausted, worry-weary, sees Alex’s empty hands.  No necklace.  “What will they think of me,” is her enigmatic question.
Elaine and Ed forget about Brooklyn, turn their attention to the restaurant in Soho.
The Captain shrugs off the shamrock.  They have the shepherdess and the pearls now, two pretty pennies.  Ms. C is distraught. 
Dav strides in whistling, carrying shamrocks in bloom.  Moira briefly remembers her Gran and the cherished Meissen figurinebut also remembers the ocean just beyond her childhood cottage, wreaking havoc one minutewashing up treasures the next.  “Off to bed, m’love!”  
The next day is a startling shakeup.  The Captain stumbles on his own stoop, carrying last night’s trophies to be valued. The shepherdess is shattered, he’s hospitalized. The fake Romanov pearls roll through Ms. C’s trembling fingers like a demented rosary. “Poor Katya.  Wonder if she knew?”  But Katya’s problems are nothing compared to her own.  Her wails bounce off the hospital walls“Without the shamrock, we’re doomed.” 
An art gallery in Belgium phones Dav for a one-man show. Millionaires are suddenly panting for his paintings. Moira’s publisher reverses last week’s decision, faxes a six-figure contract.  
Ms. C calls Moira, begging. Moira arranges a meeting, hands over the red enamel pot full of blooming shamrocks“Luck o’ the Irish back to you!”  She remembers Gran showing her how to split a shamrock into fourplanting quadrupled luck.  She delivers greenwhite gifts to Elaine and Katya.  Ms. C returns Katya’s pearls.  Everyone forgets about Brooklyn. 
Four delighted wives. 
Four happy husbands, cured of cards.   
Who needs gambling when you have an ever-blooming, lavishly lucky shamrock?
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