Fleur 2020-07 - Honeysuckle

We wished for the perfect website where writers can learn, grow, share and express themselves – now our wish will soon become a reality!
What do you wish for?
ZenGarden is growing!
We’re delighted to tell you our news!  We are merging with our partner www.Voice.club to give you even more features:
* Discourse – give or receive quality feedback on stories
* Free contests – your favorite flowers plus more inspiring prompts
* Chatter – a forum to share your ideas
* Extended topics, including writing tips, music reviews, and more
While we are upgrading, you may enjoy reading some special articles about haiku :
The Gentle Art of Haiku

Voting Countdown:

Each shortlisted story this month is like a jewel – some quiet and reflective, some humorous, some poignant and wistful – but all filled with the beauty of being human.  You writers have outdone yourselves, yet again.
We hope you will enjoy reading each of the shortlisted stories from our “Honeysuckle” contest, and that you will tell your friends and family about ZenGarden.club.  Stories like these can help us all make it through a world that is challenging, sometimes frightening, and perhaps not what we had envisioned!  Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your talent, your commitment to the written world, and the beauty of your minds.
Total entries:  38
Total shortlisted:  23

Act Two (Senior)

“Can I take your order, sir?” “Let’s see now … I’d like … Cassie, is that you? Can it possibly be you? Dearest Cassie!” “Daniel.”

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Honey Jewel (Adult)

We’re pirates searching for treasure exploring the reservoir on the outskirts of town.  The babbling creek calls to us. Letting our bikes fall on the

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The Barn (Senior)

The road comes up suddenly on the right, meanders down the hillside between yellow poplar and silver birch, then disappears into the woods. Not sought

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