Fleur 2020-06 - Lavender

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Judge's Comments

Lavender grows in a window box at my kitchen window where I get to see it every day, so judging for this particular prompt was a pleasure in more ways than one. Thank you ZenGarden and all the finalists. Writers, you did not disappoint. Your stories surprised me, made me smile, got me excited, and pulled at my heartstrings—all the emotions that good writing should invoke. Keep writing! I need more great stories in my life.
Sherry Torgent

Diary 1667 – by Susan Dawson – WINNER

It’s impressive when a writer manages to create a story world with so few words. I was immediately transported to 1667 (London, I presume). In five diary entries, the reader gets small glimpses into a man’s life. It was the clever, subtle use of the prompt that got me. Wonderful.

There’s a Story Here Somewhere –by Juma – Finalist Honors
The scene is set as a mystery—an abandoned room and a table set with name cards, china, and lavender bundles. “Something happened here. I must unearth the story.” Seldom am I surprised by an ending. I laughed and followed that with a resounding “Yes!”  Clever and Smart.

A Gift From Vincent – by Susan Dawson – Finalist Honors
Art invokes creativity in this historical tale of a child that visits Vincent Van Gogh in the Asylum at Saint-Paul. Delightful.

Catching My Breath – by Juma – Finalist Honors
Arranged marriage, reluctant bride. ” ‘ A perfect husband,’  Papa had pronounced after hearing his pedigree and prospects.”  Perfect build-up to the shocking ending. Cute story.

Each Bud Contains a Memory – by Susan Giles – Finalist Honors
Such a beautiful picture of a woman recalling her grandmother’s WWII past as she watches her from the bedroom window. This one tugs at the heartstrings while using lavender as a conduit to connect the past to the present. Lovely.

For Valour – by Julie Evans – Finalist Honors
Several neighbors wonder what grandma uses her lavender for. Quite a few guesses are offered, but the secret is hers. The writer makes a clever connection to the colors used by the women’s suffrage movement. The ending gave me a good chuckle.

Frozen in Time – by Susan Giles – Finalist Honors
The prose in this piece was beautiful. Melodious and soulful. Excellent.

The Purple Lavender Field – by Gillian Makuza – Finalist Honors
I love this line – “That just being in the middle of that purple field was like being in the centre of Eden before the fall of man.” This piece was like a beautiful dream.

Other Finalists:

Birdsong – by Joanna Miller

Chalk, Cheese and Lavender – Sandra James

Grandmother’s Back – by Amy Kim

Maisie – by Susan Dawson

Summer Dresses – by Joanna Miller

Things Can Change – by Jane Rockwell

The Silent Choice of Matching Lavender Pillow Cases – by Kitty Tricks

Public Voting Winners

Congratulations to all our Public Voting winners! 
Welcome to Gillian Makuza and Amy Kim, both new members, and congratulations to one of our  favorite writers and long-standing members, Mary Wallace.
We hope all of you will share these great stories with your friends and family, colleagues and coworkers!  Reading a floral flash fiction story is a great way to start any day.

Learn more about the contest which inspired these stories: 
Fleur 2020-06 Lavender


Woodbine – a love that clings
A heavenly smell –
Till death do us part
Member Grainne Armstrong, from County Mayo in Ireland, has created a prompt that features the wonderfully fragrant woodbine, otherwise known as honeysuckle.  If you’ve ever smelled or sipped this summer flower, you know how unforgettable it can be!
Click on the link below to learn more or to enter the new contest.
Fleur 2020-07 – Honeysuckle

We’re delighted to have one of our favorite judges back this month – Dr. Regina Higgins – Writer, Editor, and Story Teller.  Regina will select the Grand Prize Winner and the list of Finalists for this contest.   Many thanks, Regina!

Voting Countdown:

Congratulations to everyone who entered a story and especially to all those who made the short list.  Welcome to all our new subscribers!  We hope you enjoy your ZenGarden.club experience and continue to share your talent with all our club members.  Your stories can help make a difference in today’s world.
We’re delighted to present the shortlisted stories from our “Lavender” contest.  We hope you’ll read each one and then tell your friends and family about ZenGarden.club.  We can help inspire others by sharing these lovely stories with family and friends.
Total entries:  42
Total shortlisted:  26
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