Expectations – by Lael Braday (Adult)

Daddy gave us trash bags and promised a penny per dandelion, then went around back to work in his garage. Chelle and Jean sighed and worked right away. I couldn’t help to play first. I picked a dandelion and popped the top with my thumbs as I shouted—Jean had a baby and her head popped off!
Chelle laughed and Jean yelled at us to get to work. Grumpy Jean turned away from us and stuffed dandelions into her bag. She’s almost a tween. Mama said we have a few more years of communication with her before she becomes a teenager. I think she’s already not talking properly to me. She taught me the baby game. Now she gripes at me.
Chelle popped the head off a dandelion and screamed at me—Susi had a baby and her head popped off! We laughed and laughed and rolled around on the lawn, snatching flowers and shoving them in our bags. We were having a grand time, ignoring our sister until she just sighed at us, like Mama does when she’s had enough of our foolishness.
After a while, Jean hollered—Chelle had a baby and her head popped off! Now all of us were laughing, crawling around, popping flowerheads, yelling that we had babies and their heads popped off. Finally, we looked around and there was no more yellow. We hauled our bags to the back to get our moolah. Daddy wiped his hands and walked to the front yard. He sighed heavy and shook his head. We all looked at the lawn full of dandelion stems with no heads.
Daddy opened his wallet, gave us each $2, and went back to the garage, mumbling to himself. We got ice cream when the truck came that afternoon.

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