Emmy Childress, Writer

I’m Emmy, I’m 14, and I’m very passionate about writing. After my Mom passed, I found it a good way to get my emotions out into words. Every day I have new ideas and plans for stories. I’m from Indianapolis. I do online school right now, but I’ve never stayed at one school for more than 2 years. I also am very passionate about musical theatre, and I’m excited to join the theatre next school year at my new school. I’m also interested in animals and helping them have the best life possible, so this summer I will be volunteering at an animal shelter. I am what you could call diverse- plus sized and part of the LGBT community- so I love debating about topics such as global warming, privilege, racism, etc. I’m a baker, and I’ve been baking for a couple of years. I’ve baked all sorts of sweets. From sugar cookies to macarons to even (as I did earlier today) homemade carrot cake for Easter.
Country: United States
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
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