Edward’s lifeline – by Linda Cornelissen (Adult)

Each day Edward shuffled stiffly into his front garden; small jagged steps, misery shielding his eyes from the world. He sat stiffly on a wooden chair, for hour upon hour. A sculpture hewn from age and pain. A fixture on the chair, invisible to all living things around him.

Suddenly, something inconvenient landed on Edward’s nose. A harsh movement, accompanied by angry muttering. A fleeting pain, as his hand impacted the side of his face. Soon, a second something landed on his left ear. The scaly hand came up once more from his lap. Once again, muttering, a slap, a wince, then the silent vigil resumed.
The third intrusion was too much. Otherwise still, Edward opened his eyes wide. The bright sunlight shut them again quickly. The eyes opened tentatively to lizard slits. His view filled with shimmering rainbows. Fleeting splashes of colour, blurred with reflections of bright sunlight. The tired eyes snapped shut once more.

Another minute of Edward’s allotted time passed. A small, soft voice came to occupy the air in front of him. Gently but persistently, it pleaded with his inner child to come out to play. His eyes stayed firmly closed. The soft but urgent pleas continued. This time, the scan was a little slower, more deliberate, as the surroundings were once more surveyed. Finally, Edward’s eyes were able to lock in on the concentration of colour in his foreground. A small pink being materialised. She was standing amid a cacophony of colour and light, at first still somewhat painful to his eyes.

A few more blinks, and Edward was able to make out a string of bubbles emanating from her being, and they drifted towards him. A few landed on his folded hands, and winked at him playfully. He sat unmoved, but slowly looked up again. He could now see that this soft pink being was framed by the rainbows, within a muted backdrop of red, green and blue. Through the colours, he could hear the soft whispers of his Emily’s voice. Hello Edward, my love. Let’s play in the sun like we used to.
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