Don’t Forget to be Modest and Sweet – by Nevena (Adult)

Dear Humans,
Have you noticed any sunset lately, a flourishing flower, or have you been following the shape of the cloud with your finger? Not?
I know, you have been busy. You always are. Running, running, running… Running after money, after a little more time, after adventure, travel, excitement. It is always something like that and it is always so important. Everything is more important than the air you breathe, the beauty of the garden that could have been yours, noticing ladybugs eating aphids, butterflies flying down the flower, or smelling the soil after the rain. However, you are forgetting that I have been here for millions of years and nothing is new to me.
The only thing I could call ‘new’ is the way you, humans, treat me. No other species has done such harm to my whole body the way you have in such a short time period. You have been digging, burning, drilling, throwing garbage, punching, cutting… You have been treating me like a prisoner and torturing me to come to a slow but certain death. But I am still alive. And I still have hopes and dreams about you, humans.
You haven’t been noticing me until you got hit by this horrible virus. Only now, when you are forced to stop, to pause, to think, to see, to smell and feel my body… only now you have started to notice me – my beauty, my blue sky, my breathless sunsets, my beautiful creatures that you have only been murdering and torturing the same way you have been torturing myself! I am ill, but you are ill too. Cut my body and you are cutting yourself. Kill me and you are killing yourself.
When this pandemic drama is over, don’t forget what you have learnt. Don’t forget that I am in your veins, I am your blood. Don’t forget that your feet are meant to walk through gardens, not concrete; your hands are perfect for seeding and planting, not carrying weapons. Don’t forget to be ‘modest and sweet because I look for you in quiet corners’.
Your Earth.
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