Dalia Grigorescu: Writer and Poet

Dalia Grigorescu was born in Romania, a country where people believe that poetry runs in their veins. While that is not exactly true, Dalia has always enjoyed writing in her spare time, first in Romanian in her native country, then in English after moving to the United States. After a decade and a half of working in the corporate world, she is now taking a break to raise her three young children, and has rediscovered her love of writing: poetry, fiction, memoir segments, short humorous pieces and everything in between.
Country: United States
City: Hillsborough
State: New Jersey
ZenGarden.club is proud to introduce Dalia as one of our winning writers!  See the list of her ZenGarden awards below.  Click on any picture to read the complete story or see the complete prompt.
Prompt - "Gardenia"
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