Daddy, that’s your gift! – by Gyanapriya Panda (College)

Anya woke up very early today from her routine. After having her crunchy toast dipped in foamy butter along with chicken noodle soup, she ran towards her garden and sat on the very vintage chair which her father had purchased from the flea market. As of routine, she wrote some words in her beloved diary while sitting on the chair and then prayed for a while. With foliage colors from vivid coral to deep purple, her garden was dominating with feathery grasses, golden leaves, red fruits, late flowers as the mellow season of autumn had just begun giving the perception of a beautiful and richly textured tapestry.
Anya blew the soap bubbles every single day in the morning, in the hope that her father will see those bubbles, carrying the hope and love of his daughter and would come back from the other end of the world. The soapy slippery bubbles would float in the air steadily, giving her an irrepressible positive feeling. She now lived with her mother after her father was arrested in North Korea on account of espionage charges. She didn’t know the exact reason why her father wasn’t home for Christmas the last three years, but she knew he was across the DMZ, the very strip that demarcates North Korea from South Korea. She was just told that her father taught English to poor kids on the other side of the land.
She penned,
“The autumn has donned herself for the coming season, Daddy. She is portraying her most colorful hues. Schools are closed for a month, leaving me with plenty of time to play. I hope your school to offer you a weekend holiday. We miss you. Your birthday is coming near. As per tradition, I am sending you a gift. Lots of love.”
With this, she pasted a fallen maple leaf on a postcard and headed herself towards the post office.
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