D. Adrin Sanchia Jason – Writer and Poet

Adrin tells us: This is an image of Ixora coccinea from my grandmother's garden. It is related to the hero of my story "Another Eden", Ixora odorata
Adrin is from India, where diverse cultures meet and exist in harmony. Writing is her passion. She is a poet, short story writer and an aspiring novelist. She works to have a career in creative writing. Her works reflect her love for nature and they are extraordinary pictures of the ordinary. She envisions depth in the most simplest of things. She believes in the unconquerable power of art and aims to encourage fellow artists. She enjoys reading, music, long drives, table tennis and ukulele sessions.
Country: India
City: Trichy
State: Tamil Nadu
ZenGarden.club is proud to introduce Adrin as one of our winning writers!  See the list of her ZenGarden awards below.  Click on any picture to read the complete story.
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