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Submit your own suggestions for flower/haiku prompts, for a chance to become a Winner!   Be sure and read the guidelines carefully, and study some of the examples used in previous contests.

Flower/Haiku – Prompt Suggestions

We are currently looking for prompts for flowers that bloom in March, April, or June.  You can win a free life-time subscription and your own Winners Page if your prompt is chosen!
If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, we’d love to hear what flowers bloom in those months in your part of the world! 

ZenGarden.club Flash Fiction writing contests are becoming well-known to writers everywhere!  Our first year of these contests began in January 2019, and has created a bountiful harvest of wonderful stories, talented winners and a strong commitment to writers and writing!

All of our contests feature family-friendly, garden or flower-related stories.  Reading one of our stories is a sure way to get your day off to a good start – writing a story is even better!  Some writers use our prompts as a daily writing practice, and have reported great results from this regular practice.

Our two very popular writing contests attract writers of all ages from all parts of the world.  Our judges include published authors and editors and writers and university professors with decades of experience  in the field of writing and critiquing writers. 

All shortlisted stories are published on our site, and are eligible for our ongoing Kindle book anthologies.

  • Nutshell Narrative – Flash Fiction – write a very short story – 350 words or less – inspired by haiku/picture prompt based on a single flower.  Our judges select the short lists and the winners in each of four flower categories.
  • Photo Flora – Flash Fiction – write a very short story – 350 words or less – inspired by a more general picture containing some reference to flowers, gardens, or related topics.  Our judges select the short list in this one-category contest; we then open the short list for public voting.  
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