Bubbles of Bloom – by Judith Aduol Nyamanga (Adult)

Red and velvety petals brightened the atmosphere, fierce yet lovely, wild, free and carefree. The blurred yet red blood shade offered hope for life for the victims of landslide who were then hosted at the Recovery Center.  The garden was flowered with banquets of green flora, depicting life, hope, future, and sustainability. Given a chance, the two primary colors would be all that the victims needed to basically start a life, project and/or an idea. Their lives had been shattered and what they previously called homes submerged. Animals that once fed on the green vegetation lost focus and wandered off. Some herds of cattle had earlier sensed danger and according to Pkosing, a young vibrant boy, the herd left their sheds before the landslides unforgivably consumed lives. It was a tragic event.
Flowers have a way of reminding us about the beauty around. Pkosing loved flowers and every time he led his father’s cows to the grazing field, he would come across gardens of flowers, unattended, wild, free, yet beautiful. He did not understand the identities of the flowers but one thing was for sure, he loved them all the same.
Bubbles of bloom gave hope to the mudslide victims. The Recovery Center was located near the garden owned by Amanda Flavell. She loved flowers and flowers loved her. Unknown to her, her garden had the most beautiful flowers and depicted a story of hope. Pkosing was amazed to finally sample flowers well attended to and manicured lanes leading to the garden with water bubbles hydrating the petals to ensure they bloom.
Pkosing would leave the Center, cross over to Flavell’s garden every morning to watch the blooming. His parents succumbed to injuries inflicted to them when Mother Nature unleashed her anger. He was still young to comprehend the loss, but too hopeful to draw lessons from the garden of hope. There was somber mood, and there was brighter mood. And hopeful he was. Flavell was amazed by the love for flowers by Pkosing, and she took care of him. She adopted him. He found a new home.
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