Bubble Magic – by Mary Wallace (Adult)

That Summer, the two bubble blowers bought by their Aunt had been their favorite gifts. Laura and Luke would run so fast that the garden became a magical blur of colour with a trail of bubbles floating to catch the sun. Games of hide and seek were often solved when one twin, tired of hiding, began to blow bubbles.

Laura’s love of gardens began while she was sitting quietly behind a bush, waiting to be found. It was as if the garden knew that she was in her rightful place among the perfumed roses. Angel Face was her favorite, sweet smelling lilac flowers which would darken with the sun.

As the twins grew, their interests differed. Luke was keen to travel and explore the world. Laura was comfortable with her job in the Garden Centre; still the pair remained best friends and confidants.

Laura was weeding the red Alstroemerias when Luke showed her his ticket for Europe. This would be their first time apart and his excitement was tempered with sadness.

“Come with me,” he offered, “they have beautiful gardens.” Laura shook her head. She felt safe and needed in her garden. She gave Luke a gift, a little bubble blower,
“If you get lost,” she smiled, “the bubbles will find me.”

His first letter arrived from France and she opened it in the garden. It contained a postcard of Monet’s Garden in Giverny and a photo of Luke surrounded by bubbles. On the card was written, ‘In case you feel lost, follow the bubbles.’

His next letter, a postcard of the Coloma Rose Gardens in Belgium, contained a photo of a smiling Luke and an Angel Face rose, both covered in bubbles.

‘You must come,’ read the postcard from Arcen Gardens in the Netherlands; ‘I’m nearly out of bubbles.’ Luke and the tulips were magnificent.

Laura waited to board the plane to Italy feeling happy and excited. She missed Luke and the Villa D’Este gardens were beckoning. In her luggage was packed enough bubble blowers to ensure she and her brother would always find each other.

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