Bright Blooms – by Caitlynn Sandy (College)

Her mind was working faster than her feet were, but they still carried her. Step by step, her faithful feet brought her further away from the heartache that awaited her at home. She knew she should turn back, face him head on, but she continued to push onward. Nothing could convince her to turn around now, not until her mind had cleared. She couldn’t even stomach looking at him now.
She lost track of time she pushed through the dense trees and worked the situation around in her brain. His infidelity was hard to process; she always thought he was devoted. She never believed her friends when they told her about his outings, but now she knew the truth. Torturous thoughts bounced around in her head, causing her to wonder if she had been the reason that he has strayed. Wasn’t she faithful? Wasn’t she generous? Wasn’t she good enough? These questions plagued her as she came into a clearing. What she saw there brought tears to her eyes.
There, in the middle of the field, were dozens of tulips. They were bright, colorful, and they were everywhere. All she could see were the vivid blooms, and she dropped to her knees right there. She clutched her stomach and sobbed for all she was worth. In her mind, she was remembering every time he had come in late, a bouquet of tulips in his hand. She loved them then, delighting in the gesture. Now, she knew the truth. They were a distraction, a wordless apology for his disloyalty.
Tulips used to be her favorite flowers. Now, they served as a reminder of everything she had lost.
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