Black and White – by Kareera Aboobaker (College)

We’ve all grown up with the thought of living a fairy-tale life. Some of us may have dreamed of meeting the nasty troll under the bridge or maybe it was a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. Some others may have dreamed of meeting fairies living in flowers or maybe they just wanted to meet Tinker Bell to experience the magical fairy dust.
The thing is, we’ve all had dreams growing up. We’ve all looked to the sky and said how beautifully blue it was. We’ve all pointed to the fluffy white clouds and made different shapes. We’ve all admired the neighbor’s potted plants that turned into beautiful hues to light up our day.
But I couldn’t do that. I never could.
From all that I could remember, my life’s always been in black and white. I’ve walked this same ‘blue and white’ painted alleyway for years. I’ve stared at the potted plants long enough to hope to see a different world. But in the end, it’s always just black and white. I sometimes wondered what it would feel like if these eyes weren’t so monotone, if they weren’t so color blind.
Fairies were peculiar creatures that apparently lived in rose petals. They were also supposed to be very imaginary. So, when one pops out of a potted flower and speaks to you about being able to see the world in its true form, you tend to have the normal reaction of freaking out and your body shutting down… or in other words, fainting.
Waking up in the sewer was not the expectation of seeing the world its true form. Climbing out of it was just another unnecessary experience in life. But it was worth it. It was the same alleyway I had walked my whole life, but it was- ‘Blue’. I’d never seen the color before, but I knew. And they were right, about the sky’s color and about the flower hues.
But even in black and white it was all just…

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