I still vividly remember those summer days like it were today. We used to walk a lot back in day in the beauteous countryside, along all paths and tracks leading to the bushes, or the golden hills painted with trees and beautiful, soft grass.

We would roll in it, then I’d tell her, We could smoke it! You silly Sally! she’d say. And then we’d keep rolling in the dough.

Then we’d stop and lay down, all spreaded out like sea stars, not in water but on the green goldish grass. The sun looked like a water reflex every time I’d look at it through the grass fiber. From time to time of course, otherwise I’d be blind!

One time, while we were laying in the grass, a sudden breeze caught pace and felt for a few seconds that we were about to take it to the air. Hold on to my hand, I urged her. Don’t worry. Let’s stand up! You crazy! I am!

She grabbed my hand and I had to get up, feeling so heavy though. Close your eyes and feel only what you can hear, she said. OK…

The strong wind made me feel like I was being swept away in a whirlwind, propulsed into the space. Lightweight. It’s amazing, I whispered.

Then it stopped. Wow, I exhaled. Let’s run down now! she suggested. Before I realized it, she was already going down like an eagle free falling on its prey. Wait! I wanted to tell you something, I said as my voice broke down. I started going down hill.

As I arrived down, she was smiling at me. Let’s go to that strawberry field, she said. Yeah, let’s see if there are any left.

We saw then a kid making soap bubbles in the field. It looked like a geyser spitting steam, from afar. Funny, I said. Why? Instead of eating some strawberries, this kid is making bubbles.

Let’s just look at the bubbles, and what they show us behind them, she added.





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