Awaiting Rosemary – by TL Lights (High School)

The phone rings.
She lunges to pick up, heart pounding.
“Henry, come here! It’s the doctor’s office!” She shouts out the window. Then she picks up the phone. “Yes, this is Cassandra Wellwater.” She answers quickly, impatient to receive the news. It’s always the same, but she hopes this time it will be different.
“The test results came back positive, ma’am.”
Cassandra freezes. Positive? She drops the phone in shock. Her hand covers her mouth and she grips the counter for support. After all this time? Henry bursts in, a rosemary plant still in hand.
He was in the middle of planting a new batch in their garden.
“What is it?!” He asks frantically, “What did they say?” Cassandra looks up, eyes shining with tears.
“We’re going to be parents.”
Henry whoops a loud, joyous shout. He picks up Cassandra, brings her outside, and swings around her in the air. She laughs, happy tears running down her face.
“You did it! We’re going to be parents!” He says, eyes shining.
“No, we did it.” Cassandra says, smiling.
“I bet it’s going to be a girl.” Henry states, putting his ear up against her stomach. Cassandra giggles. “Yes, a little girl. I can feel it.” Henry stands up, grinning. Cassandra looks up at the sky and gasps.
Henry chuckles, rubbing his neck. “Yeah, I meant to tell you earlier. You know, before—“
“It’s beautiful.” Cassandra says, looking up at the double rainbow, “Just like she will be.” Henry grins, ear to ear. Cassandra looks down at the plant in his hand. She takes it from him, and together they walk to a mound of overturned soil. They cover it over with soil, and water the roots.
“We’ll call her Rosemary.”
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