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Roadside Poppies - glass smalti mosaic by Debra D'Souza

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There are so many kinds of visual art related to gardens: mosaics, silk paintings, water colors, sketches, carvings, oil paintings, sculpture – the list goes on and on!  It seems that artists of all genres enjoy gardens and flowers just as much as we gardeners do. ZenGarden presents a variety of art forms to inspire us and bring even more beauty to our lives.

Many of our poetry and haiku selections also contain wonderful works of art, so we have included these in the Art list.  Our members tell us that the multi-media presentations are particularly meaningful  We agree!

Thank you, to all our great artists!

Hibiscus on the Lake

Hibiscus on the Lake  — The brilliant bold blooms of the red hibiscus are a perfect subject for poetry and paintings, in addition to being a great addition to any garden.  Water is also a theme loved by artists.  We

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Winter Forest – Return of the Sun

Winter Forest – Return of the Sun — We gardeners live by the seasons!  We are sensitive to weather patterns, wind and rain, fluctuating temperatures, and we especially appreciate the sun!  For some of us, the Winter Solstice is a

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Monet’s Japanese Footbridge

Monet’s Japanese Footbridge — We usually think of Claude Monet as a painter, and rightfully so, but he was also an extraordinary horticulturist, landscape designer and gardener. He meticulously designed and supervised the creation of his gardens at Giverny and

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White Clouds and Red Trees

White Clouds and Red Trees  — This magnificent painting is by Lan Ying, a famous Chinese painter who lived from somewhere around 1585 to 1664.  Many of his works were created during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  The original “White Clouds

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Croton Silk Paintings

Croton Silk Paintings  — Crotons, with their exciting variety of colors and shapes, would make a wonderful subject for any artist. They are especially stunning painted on silk by Deborah Younglao, one of our favorite artists.  You won’t see crotons

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Snowy Woods

Snowy Woods  —  In this wonderful painting by artist Cam Cline, the snow-covered trees almost seem to be dancing! Cam shows us that winter is not empty of life, but instead is full of a different kind of life. As

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Summer Singers – Insect Haiku

Summer Singers – Insect Haiku  —  For some of us, a constant buzzing, clicking, humming sound is the very epitome of summer. What would a balmy July night in the garden be without the never-ending songs of crickets and cicadas?

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Plum Blossom and Moon

Plum Blossom and Moon  — This brief collection of plum blossom haiku celebrates the “Winter Gentleman”.  In the art of Chinese painting, the “Four Gentlemen” are plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. The order of these flowers agrees with their

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April Rain Song

April Rain Song — Where would we gardeners be without rain?  Rain keeps our plants happy, and it also nurtures our hearts and spirits.  We’ve combined “April Rain Song” by the great American poet Langston Hughes with “Pride” by the

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