A Silence of White

 — In winter we enjoy the beauty of barren trees, the silent splendor of snow, the fire-warmed nights of dark and solitude.  In winter, we also dream of spring!  These selections of haiku from historic and contemporary poets bring us glimpses of the quiet season.

Haiku should not be gulped down in huge bunches, but rather each one should be savored and explored.  Spend a little time with each short verse, letting your imagination travel through the winter world.

A silence of white –
Summer’s blossoming colors

Now lost in the snow.
~ Juma (b. 1948)
The Montreal Botanical Garden with a dusting of snow

Winter solitude-
in a world of one colour

the sound of the wind.
~ Matsuo Bashō (
Plump yellow pansies in the snow

Frost covered garden.
Let’s plant plump yellow pansies –
Little golden suns!
~ Juma
More yellow pansies in the snow
Evening Snow at Kanbara. Ando Hiroshige. Edo period
Now then!
Let’s go snow-viewing
Till we tumble down!
~ Basho (1644-1694)

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