A Mother’s Tears- by Natoya Raymond (College)

The cries of the baby echoed through the small room; today a little baby girl was born, it would be a joyous day, however the newly founded mother, only has 24 hours before she has to say goodbye.
Sobbing quietly, while tears stream down her face, Fauna held tightly onto her new born, softly singing; ‘oh you’ll be just fine….. If this lasts forever I’ll be just fine, oh I’ll be just fine…’
Fauna took the day, carefully looking after her baby, feeding her, burping her, diaper changes, watching her sleep and falling asleep as well, everything that comes with Motherhood. Currently she is looking around the room, admiring, happy that she lived to this day.
Fauna wipes the tears from her eyes, as she stared at her currently nameless baby, chuckling when she smiled at her.
‘Only a few more minutes left, just a few…only a few, then I never see you again’, her eyes started to tear up as she spoke to her sleeping baby, “I won’t see you grow up into a beautiful young Lady, it pains me that you will grow up, without knowing me, and I planned it all, I would teach you to plant, just like my mom taught me, I would show you all of my favorite flowers, especially, the first flower I ever planted by myself; it was bright and always made me smile.”
The doctor enters, “I’m sorry, Ms. Flora, but…”
“No no, it’s okay” Fauna reassures, she was finally ready, she watches as the doctor packs all of her baby’s thing, then gently placed the baby in the doctors arms, and gave her cheek one last kiss; with a heavy heart, she watches as the doctor leaves with her joy, “it may have just been a day, but it was all I needed”
“I almost forgot” said the doctor, staring at Fauna from the doorway, “have you decided on a name”
“Yes” Fauna wore the brightest smile imaginable “call her, Daylily” the doctor nodded exiting the door, leaving Fauna alone.
“Goodbye, My Beloved Little Flower. My Daylily.”

Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Nutshell Narratives 2019-04

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